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Inspired and fueled by the multi-dimensional nature of humanity itself, this space was created with You at the center. Liminal Space Yoga was designed to shine light on the possibilities of stepping onto your mat exactly as you and where you are, in any given moment. Through your own curiosity in selecting pre-recorded classes, this space will change the way you experience yourself through yoga and enhance your connection of body, mind, and spirit. It's time to let go of the old stories, explore your depths, expand your edges, and take up space as your truest expression of self.

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+ Membership options
+ On demand class rentals
+ Live virtual classes
+ Workshops 

+ Variety of styles and paces
+ Class Series to go deeper 
+ New class uploaded weekly
+ Thoughtful guidance 

I am Amanda Lane
Dreamer, Seeker, Curator

I am so grateful you found your way here. Just as a lighthouse illuminates ships in the night, I see you out there, and am here at the threshold, waiting to guide you towards your destination. You are invited to utilize this light as you embark on your unique path ahead. Although yoga is a very personal practice, we as humans, are not meant to walk this earth school alone. Liminal Space Yoga encourages exploration as a collective, out of old familiarity and into the new and unknown. I believe this practice offers us such potent medicine in the form of movement, which is why I am so passionate about and dedicated to this path. I find myself wildly inspired by authentic human expression, and I love nothing more than supporting others by incorporating yoga into your own genuine experiences.

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