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Amanda Lane Yoga

From the very first time I moved my body in an athletic way, I knew I had discovered something important. I tried every sport and excelled in a few during my adolescence. Into college, I continued with this athletic fervor and indulged in a variety of fitness classes. My major in Health Assessment and Promotion allowed me to dive deeper into the inner workings of the body, the wellness industry, and how to promote better health. 


I first found myself in a yoga class in 2003 as part of my group fitness indulgence. The movements felt just as foreign as sitting still. Therefore, it did not come easy to me, the way other fitness modalities had. There was also something brand new in this yogic space: a sense of serenity that my tired body, anxious mind, and somewhat lost soul had not experienced before.


After over a decade practicing just a few times a month, I began to notice the profound effect yoga was having on my mental and emotional well being. Having been medicated for years under a misdiagnosed mental health disorder, the practice of yoga and mindful movement was the "real medicine" that allowed me to begin healing from the inside out. Yoga helped me cultivate more compassion for all human conditions, not just my own. Diving into the practice of yoga also allowed me to bring forward more awareness and clarity to the concept of "doing what feels right in your body" early in my fitness career as a personal trainer.


By 2017, I made the decision to take the next step, educate myself more about yoga and become certified to teach at a 200 hour level. It was the bravest decision I had made up until that point in my life and I am eternally grateful each day for choosing this path. Not only continuing to be a devoted student to my personal yoga practice, but also teaching and sharing yoga has inspired a deeper sense of purpose into my existence here and now.


When everything else feels chaotic, yoga seems to be the remedy that guides me back to rediscovering my inner peace. I come back again and again because yoga sparks passion and creativity inside my spirit like nothing else. It has been such an incredible gift to work-out, work-in and work-through and I am most excited about sharing this gift and this space with you. 

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