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Liminal Space Yoga allows you to access yoga from anywhere, anytime.

Whether you are seeking a class to energize you for the day ahead, wind you down from the day behind, or anything in between, you can find it here. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out and  share what it is you would like to see or learn! Remember, this space is meant for you and your feedback is extremely valuable. The variety of class offerings are included in a weekly email with information and links to access live classes on Zoom or new pre-recorded class rentals right here in this space, on-demand. 

How to Get Started:

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3 Day Free Trial

Memberships are $22/month with unlimited access to a growing library of on-demand classes as well as discounts on workshops and events.

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Rent Per Class

48 hour Rentals

Rent a class on demand that suits your schedule for $10 or less. And just in case you need extra time, you'll have access for more than just a day.

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Live on Zoom

Zoom Classes

Join together in community virtually on zoom. Class offerings vary by month.

Drop- in price is $15.


Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa simply means movement linked with breath. This is the most popular style of class, as they are designed around a smooth and fluid tempo, aligned with the spirit of creativity. While vinyasa is traditional, these sequences are also meant to be a method of exploratory self practice beyond the postures and through the transitions in a very intuitive and curious way. Each practice offers a continuous flow of energy, and a purposeful pace aligned with an intention. 

Power Yoga 

Power yoga provides a more upbeat, dynamic, energizing and athletic experience of a traditional vinyasa practice. These classes are crafted to empower your spirit and challenge you both physically and mentally. Power yoga is an open invitation to grow your asana practice. Stepping onto your mat with dedication and knowledge of focused breath will guide you through the work, even when it feels challenging. This more vigorous practice is meant to awaken the body to its highest potential, while fully embracing the present moment transformation.  

Slow Flow + Gentle Yoga
As you might expect, the pace and tempo are slowed way down for this style of yoga. In a slow flow class, you'll still find the fluidity of the vinyasa practice, but can expect fewer postures and longer holds to expand your body and breath awareness. Gentle yoga does not include strength work, high energy or strenuous movements. The gentle practice is based on long, slow breaths, moving towards your own unique edges and truly asks less of the physical body while cultivating peace and stillness inside of the mind and into the emotional body.


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