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The Art of Getting Lost

It happens almost daily to every single one of us. We get wrapped up in our daydreams and lost in moments, maybe without even recognizing it. Our vessels crave expansion, and so the real beauty of our"getting lost" is that it comes from our own internal compasses. Our minds, bodies and spirits intuitively know when we need to space out or refresh our perspectives. Consider some of the things you find yourself doing or wanting to do that bring you simple joy and pleasure (and take note of when and why you do these things). Some of the more simple joys I find myself falling into are coloring, writing, taking hot baths, and creating mandala formations with rocks or bits of nature. Whenever I partake in one of these simple pleasures, I almost always get lost... at least for a little while.

Of course these are just the foundations of more expansive wandering. And even though the minutes we spend in daydreams are truly just the tip of the iceberg, they are exactly what we need more of. They expand our minds' awareness and bring hope into our hearts. Daydreams, moments, and the things we are doing when we "lose track of time" illuminate the endless possibilities and directions that we can get lost.

Sometimes, we get lost on purpose. We have the privilege. Think: free time and spontaneity. Other times, it feels as though we have "lost our way". And while both forms of getting lost are working to serve the bigger picture, "losing your way" just doesn't sound like much fun. As a matter of fact, it sounds more like something blended up with hopelessness, darkness or the feeling of being all alone. What we can try to keep in mind when we are feeling lost, is that we have really been given a golden opportunity to find ourselves... to find something. So are you searching? Are you wandering? Looking? Wondering? Because what you might discover is that the possibilities are endless. Losing yourself again and again and again all in a subconscious effort to find new pathways "home".

On the tailwinds of both wandering and finding new pathways home, I feel very fortunate to have spent half of the past year consumed by the art and the utter romance of doing just that. Getting lost- on purpose, on accident, by coincidence. Traveling, on the road, and without an end date. I'm sprinkling this bit in for myself and for you, because sometimes we wonder "what qualifies another" to do or teach something. Sometimes this same need to know or to explain led me to feeling lost on my personal journey. Even as I was exploring new places, wandering through forests, gazing off into the ocean, and breathing in the hot heat of the southwest deserts with nothing but nature for miles and miles, I could feel absolutely lost and re-discovered in a single breath. It was exhilarating and exhausting and soul shaking, ground breaking, healing and romantic all at once. And still, it feels like just shaving off the top layer.

I've thought long and hard about the lessons I have ingested. All the blessings and the dark moments that got brighter on my personal journey of self-discovery and how I might shape it all into something that can help others. Throughout my process, always, and especially when I have "breakthroughs" or receive "downloads", I ask myself the question, "If this helped me grow in some way, how can I share it so that it can help others too?" I've learned that when you get lost in great questions, you begin to come forward with even greater answers. One of the offerings I have put together is a week-long challenge and commitment of diving into "The Art of Getting Lost". Because there is an "interacting" component that involves sharing where you feel called, I will be hosting the challenge group through a private page on Instagram: the_art.ofgettinglost . I want this to feel as open as possible while still feeling as safe and as private as possible too, in order for each person to really allow themselves to dive into the process. Only the people who have signed up for and paid for the challenge will have access to the page, the content, the assignments, other comments and interactions, etc. I also recognize that we are all working to monitor our time with our screens and also that not everyone has Instagram or wants to utilize it in that way. Therefore, I am also opening this group up wider by offering to send the content and have more one on one communication with those interested in diving into this work through daily emails for the week that the group is up and running. To stick with the feels of this year, we will be starting off slow. Don't worry if you have a lot of other things on your plate right now or are worried you might not be able to commit for 7 days. 1) You are doing this on your time when it fits into your schedule and 2) I strongly believe that you will not miss anything that is meant for you to receive. Your first assignment will be to literally lay on the floor and do nothing. Every day there will be several "assignments" from something as simple as the accountability of drinking more water to things that require more thought, like planning or crafting an experience for yourself, or things that require more of your physical energy, like moving somehow: yoga, dancing, or increasing your heart rate. "The Art of Getting Lost" requires you to create some time for yourself to truly get lost in your own thoughts and daydreams. The group does not require but requests that you also write these thoughts down somewhere and allow yourself to be vulnerable and share pieces of what you have discovered through commenting on post assignments or one on one emails with me. Please keep in mind, if you are joining the group, that when you show up brave and vulnerable and authentic, it gives other people the courage to do the same. We need more of that. Will you bring that with you to the table? Having a space to speak your truth and share your gems is one of the biggest assets to doing personal work within a group setting and by doing that, you are also simultaneously raising the collective vibration.

Why might you consider participating in a "challenge" such as this? To get to know yourself better through self-discovery, to invest your time and energy into things that lift you up, to find your way back from wherever you've been hiding, to get re-inspired, to feel fueled by intuitive creativity and tapping in, to start moving again, to start believing in yourself again, to fill your cup, to take your space, to see what it feels like to be in the flow, to relax, to grow, to realign with who and what you stand for, to connect with others, to share your joys and pain, to heal, to vibrate higher. I can keep going but I'm not pushing this challenge onto a single soul. If it resonates with you or sounds like something you want to try, what are you losing? $5 a day? Some time spent working on yourself? For those who feel called to join, please connect with me by reaching out via social media, text, or by emailing to learn how to sign up for "The Art of Getting Lost". Our journey begins February 9th.

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